Virtual Training

KCK One - Membership

KCK One is our training service for individuals, schools, clubs, and rec programs looking for custom made programing. This is designed as an alternative to private lessons, or to fill in as a goalie coach for a program. What is included:

  • Every athlete is assigned a coach to work with.
  • Athletes will receive weekly workouts designed specifically for them, assigned by our DI coaching staff.
  • Athletes will check in regularly throughout the week with their coach via the app for feedback on the drills they have completed via the chat feature on the app.
  • The app has a video capability allowing our athletes to record themselves executing a drill and send directly to their coach for feedback.
  • The video capability on the app allows coaches to voice over, and draw on videos sent to give live feedback to our athletes.
  • Coaches will respond with in 24-48 hours of videos sent. 
  • Game film breakdown – Athletes may send their coach game film once a week for analysis and feedback up to 4 clips per week.
  • What drills are on the app, and what areas of goal keeping does our training cover? Through the app we cover the following areas of training: stickwork, footwork, hand-eye, agility, conditioning workouts, and, of course, in goal drills to dial in our saves and technique in cage. 

KCK Play - Membership

KCK Play is access to our drill library. This is a great resource for athletes and coaches who are looking to learn more, add drills to their routine, or supplement their existing training. What is included:

  • Access to our full drill library and tutorial videos.
  • Access to our workout of the week as designed by our coaching staff.